Wednesday, 30 June 2010

First time using blog

Ok, so this is the first day of the blog that I've set up as I'm going away for 7 months to work on a cruise ship doing Acupuncture.
I really don't know how this will work, but I'm willing to give most things a go.
First off I should probably explain what "thinking with your Gary is", I'm a little bit odd or so I'm told I personally think I'm perfectly normal and its everyone else.

ANYWAY, when I was younger when I hear people say "Now that's thinking outside of the box" I decided I didn't have a box that I in fact had a hexagon, that was pink and called Gary.... which is probably more than likely a sign that your a little odd.

I'm also quite unobservant, when I was watching the England vs. Germany game I thought we were doing really well.. until I realised we were the ones in red. This made sense as my Dad was crying and punching the cat.. I'm joking, we don't have a cat.....anymore.

I'm Dyslexic before you start correcting the grammer and spelling problems, and then sending me links to how things should actually be spelt. As part of my dyslexia I have difficulties telling left from right (I know what your thinking that's just a nice way of saying your stupid.. but its true!).
I always think that the runners at the Olympics have it easy, all they have to do is run faster than anyone else, and carrying a few sticks as ammo will always help with that.
I think what they should do is get a bunch of Dyslexics together, start them running, and start shouting left or right at them. The confusion and mayhem will be amazing! Especially if you add hurdles!

I'm quite geeky, as if that's not apparent with my addiction to twitter and using a blog to tell people about my travels. But I have a Blackberry, and I have no idea how I have survived without it. Although I'm also very clumsy, and the last time I dropped it you can now see the poor things insides. So I've named it Kate after Kate Moss as you can see her insides too!

Right, well I think that's enough ramblings for today and hopefully this has amused you because its amused me haha


  1. I think you are going to be a good blogger! :)

    I too screamed with delight when England scored (and also realised they were the ones in the red!)